Accredited Sub-Contractor awarded by BIA

We are deeply honored that one of our signature product HUGO wooden floor has acquired us the “Accredited Sub-contractor” by Hong Kong Professional Building Inspection Academy in 2016. This honor and certificate of glory fully demonstrated the quality excellence in wooden flooring for residential projects and in recognition of its remarkable quality and servicing in floor installation. This award gave us high affirmation and recognition. Kwan Tai will continue giving the best quality and service to all of our customers.
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Kwan Tai Annual Dinner 2016

Annual Dinner has always served as a precious chance for members to mingle and be closer with each other. It is always a platform to strengthen the bonding between our members, both senior and junior.

During the dinner, we celebrated the wonderful moments and milestones of the Company and shared the great experiences of Kwan Tai and its staff, and also made a pledge to work hand in hand to face new challenges in the next year.

This year is Kwan Tai 36th Anniversary, it was definitely the most memorable and significant annual dinner. We hope all Kwan Tai members could share the excitement of such historical moment together!

Site visit to Green Environmental Kitchen Residue Recycle

Kwan Tai has joined Food Waste Lean & Green Scheme held by Green Council on 20th Oct 2016. This program allowed us to understand the kitchen waste management systems in order to reduce food waste and motivates us to reduce the amounts of food preparation scraps, uneaten food and general waste. We are encouraging companies, organizations and individuals to participate in food waste reduction to make environmentally sustainable practices.

International Costal Clean Up 2016

On October 15 2016, a sunny yet ordinary Saturday. Kwan Tai staffs and also management were doing ocean cleaning at Stanley Main Beach to arouse awareness of marine environment issues and pollution in Hong Kong. It was a fund-raise cleanup activity named “International Coast Cleanup 2016” hosted by Green Council a non-profitable environmental organization to implement and pledge corporate social responsibility. The fund-raising income generated by our company will be used towards organizing a series of educational workshops and seminars on disseminating the marine conservation message and delivery of green living practices and attitudes to students and teachers.

HKIA Exhibition

HKIA Exhibition

Kwan Tai participated in 17th Asian Congress of Architects at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 28 September 2016. This exhibition event gave us the opportunity to introduce Green Partition Wall “MutiGips Gypsum Block” to more than 300 architects and over 200 architectural students across 19 different countries including Japan, Singapore, Korea, Pakistan, China and many more. It was such a thrilled event to advertise one of our best product to all the professionals.

Gypsum Block

Gypsum Block – HKIA Seminar

It was an honor for Kwan Tai to have such great opportunity to cooperation with HKIA. We have conducted a seminar namely Continuing Professional Development Events to speak with over 40 professionals and architects on the topic of the past 10 years gypsum development in Hong Kong building industry on 28th April, 2016 . Here we would like to thank you CEO of MutiGips Mr. Thomas Bremer coming to Hong Kong from Germany and to be our guest speaker to share his insightful view about Germany gypsum industry. Kwan Tai has acquired board knowledge from all of the professional participants on this event. Kwan Tai will continue to contribute our greatest effort in building industry.