Product Introduction

German-made HARO Sport Flooring was founded in 1955. With more than 50 years of professional experience in the development of sport flooring industry, HARO has been used for more than 7,500 sport halls worldwide and has been the supplier of major international sports associations, including Olympic Supplier since 1972 as well as FIBA authorized Partner and Supplier. It is the largest gymnasium wooden flooring supplier in Europe, fully compling with the performance requirement of DIN V 18032-2 Standard.

Product Advantage

  1. Environmental Friendly
Raw Materials
  • Woods are from sustainably managed forests with FSC trademark and 100% PEFC certified.
Production LineThe factory is certified with numerous qualifications:
  • DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 - New Energy Management system
  • DIN EN 14001 - Environmental Management System
Energy conversion from waste wood to ecological power is adopted.
Green ProductValidated to the EU Eco Audit
  1. Anti-bacteria and surface protection by applying PERMADUR® High Finish on the top layer.
  1. High quality with professional recognitions
  • Fully meets the requirement of German DIN V standard 18032-2. It is officially approved by the International Basketball Association (FIBA) and used at Olympic games and World Cup sites.
 4. Highly durable and comes with 2-year warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Product Range & Specification

Helsinki 10 Sports Flooring System
  • Available in Helsinki 10-10 & Helsinki 20-10
  • Is designed to maintain the same elastic properties throughout it entire life cycle. Load distribution strips are placed on top of the elastic layer.
  • Its low construction height makes HELSINKI a perfect choice for refurbishment and renovations.
 Berlin 23 Sports Flooring System
  • Available in Berlin 12
  • It features a factory-assembled double swing beam system and can be installed directly on raw concrete.
  • A minor unevenness in the sub floor can be leveled by placing equalizing material under the swing -beam pads and fixing them in place.
Helsinki 10-10Helsinki 20-10Berlin 12
Wood SpeciesOak, Ash, Beech, Maple
Construction Height34.6mm40.3mm87.3mm
Top Layer3-strip engineered hardwood5.6mm/ 3-strip engineered hardwood
Wear Layer3.6mm solid hardwood5.6mm solid hardwoodn.a
Middle/Under Layer9mm plywood. To DIN68705 part 34.5mm plywood & 8.2mm spruce finger strips4.5mm plywood & 8.2mm spruce finger strips
bPlywood Padnana9mm plywood acc. To DIN 68705 part 3
Batten SystemnanaHaro Berlin Double Batten System
Upper Beamnana4000 x 60 x 15 mm
Lower Beamnana4000 x 60 x 21 mm
Intermediate Webnana9mm plywood and EPDM granules Regupol pads and PUR binder
Counter Floor Modulenana4000 x 80 x 15mm
Load Distribution PanelsnaPlywood BFU 100 DIN 68705 12 mmna
Resilient Layer10mm foam underlaymentna
Polyethylene foil0.03mm
FinishPERMADUR® High Finish
Fire ResistanceC-S1
Shock AbsorptionComplies with DIN V 18032-2 62% (min. 53%)Complies with DIN V 18032-2 63% (min. 53%)
ResilienceComplies with DIN V 18032-23.2mm (Min. 2.3mm)Complies with DIN V 18032-23.4mm (Min. 2.3mm)
Deformation ControlComplies with DIN V 18032-21% (Max. 15%)Complies with DIN V 18032-25% (Max. 15%)
Ball ReboundComplies with DIN V 18032-298% (Min. 90%)
FrictionComplies with DIN V 18032-20.46 (accepted as 0.4 to 0.6)
Rolling LoadComplies with DIN V 18032-21500N (Required as 1500N)
Din StandardFully comply with DIN V 18032-2
RAL Quality AuditContinued DIN-certified
Warranty2 years

Quality Management System

  • Incorporate sustainable elements in Quality Management System
Eco-product Sourcing  FSC Trademark:▪ Woods are from sustainably managed forests.▪ The certification of the woods was performed according to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council.
Production Line ▪    The new energy management system was successfully integrated into the existing environment management system with the certification according to DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 ▪    HARO operates a high-performance combined heating and power station by converting the waste wood into ecological power. The output corresponds to the power requirement of 60,000 households. ▪    PEFCIn 2003, it was awarded the European PEFC certificate, a proof that the timber used can be traced and tracked through the entire product supply chain.
Site Management ▪ On-Site All-Round Technical SupportWe apt to assist our customers in solving on-site technical problems. Our customer service team follows up projects closely in different stages. If necessary, regular site visits, technical seminars, workshops or continual training programs, sampling check and weighting test will be arranged by our experienced officers to help facilitate the construction process.
Product Life Cycle Highly Durable and Long Product Lifespan (Comes with 2 years official warranty)-          Complies with German DIN V standard 18032-2. HARO is officially approved by the International Basketball Association (FIBA) , fulfilling  Olympics international competition standards.
Learning & development The R&D team continues to invest on  progressive ecological technologies.

Awards & Certifications

  • DIN Certified Sports Floors - All HARO Sports Floors comply with DIN V 18032.2
  • DIN EN ISO 9001 - Quality Management System
  • DIN EN ISO 50001: 2001 - New Energy Management System
  • DIN EN ISO 14001 and validated to the EU Eco Audit for our commitment to the preservation of nature
  • FSC certified
  • FIBA Membership (Federacion Internationale de Basketball)
  • The RAL Quality Mark – an honour
  • PEFC certified
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