Product Introduction

HUGO Wooden Flooring, one of the prestigious brands in residential flooring and is strongly supported by major developers and architects in Hong Kong. In the past 15 years, more than 1,000,000 square meters of Hugo Wooden Flooring material are applied for construction projects.

Product Advantage

  1. Environmental Friendly
Raw MaterialsWood sourcing with FSC certificates is available.
Production LineThe authorised factories for HUGO production strictly comply with various European standards, such as Quality Management and Environmental Management system.Adhesive used fully complies with E1 requirement regarding the emission of Formaldehyde. In addition, surface coating fully complies with EN and DIN standards.
Logistics TransportReduce carbon footprint for logistics with factories located in Guangdong, which are within 800 km from Hong Kong.
End ProductEnd products with low VOC/ formaldehyde emission, complying with international standard.
  1. Strong Stability
  • Over 50 years’ product lifespan under proper maintenance and care.
  • Stability of engineering wooden flooring is further enhanced by its three layers’ wood construction, where each layer boasts of varied characteristics and combines with other layers.
 3. Tailor-made finishing materials in a variety of choices to meet the needs of customers.

Product Range & Specification

HUGO Wooden Flooring is available in both Engineering and Solid Wooden floorings; wooden flooring types in Plank, 2 strips/ 3 strips are also offered to add character and definition to the interior design.   
Plank2 Strips3 Strips
ConstructionAvailable in both Solid and Engineering wooden floorings
TypesPlank2 Strips/ 3 Strips
Length900mm to 1800mm1800mm to 2200mm
Width83mm to 189mm139mm to 189mm
Thickness15mm to 18mm
Top Layer        Minimum 3mm thick hardwood (for engineering wooden flooring)
Choices of Client preferences, available but not limited as follows:
●        Walnut
●        American/ Russian Oak
●        Canadian Maple
●        Cherry
●        Merbau
●        Beech
●        Sapelli
Intermediate LayerEither 3 layers or 7 layers of plywood
Surface Coating7-10 coats of Ultra UV-Lacquers without excess formaldehyde with extreme good abrasion resistance.Fully comply with EN and DIN standards.
Adhesive between Top layer & PlywoodMeet EI requirement regarding the emission of formaldehyde
Compliance to Test
  • Inflammability - DIN4102:B1
  •  Chemical Resistance - DIN68861 Part 1
  •  Abrasivity- Ceramic UV Coating - DIN68861 Part 2: minimum 1500 cycles
  • Scratch Resistance - DIN68861 Part 4:4C
  •  Cigarette Test - DIN 68861 Part 6:6C
  • Pendular Hardness of Glass - DIN 53157: minimum ca.100 swings

Quality Management System

  • Incorporate sustainable elements in Quality Management System
Eco-Product Sourcing  Sourced from the best forest from the world, wood species like Walnut, Ash Beech & Oak with FSC certificates available. 
Production Line Quality Control - Production of wooden flooring is complied with both European and International Standard. 
Logistics Transport Reduce carbon footprint for logistics - The authorized factories , locate in d Guangdong, are within 800 km from Hong Kong.
Site Management On Site Control - Comprehensive Quality Assurance is provided to our clients throughout the progress.We follow up and monitor all  projects closely by conducting regular site visits and sampling checks to facilitate the work.
Product Life Cycle With proper maintenance and care, Hugo Wooden Flooring will have a lifespan of more than 50 years.
Learning & Development The R&D team - continuous improvement in areas of product quality, stability, variety and sustainability.

Awards & Certifications

  • 地板品質檢定認證書 From: 香港專業驗樓學會 -詹濟南會長 代表地盤: 維港峰, 維峯 Date: 01 / Mar / 2016
  • 地板品質檢定認證書 From: 香港專業驗樓學會 -詹濟南會長代表地盤 代表地盤: 曉譽, 曉尚 Date: 19 / Mar / 2015
  • 嘉許狀: (木地板) From: 恒基兆業地產有限公司地產策劃(二)部 代表地盤: 維峯 The Hemispheres, 曉珀 High Park Date: 29 / Sep / 2015
  • 嘉許狀: (木地板) From: 裕民建築有限公司 代表地盤: 福榮街 186-198, 界限街68, 大埔道 186-188, 元朗大棠5369 Date: 30 / June / 2014