Product Introduction

German-made MultiGips Gypsum Block, a tongue and groove solid partition system, is a highly cost-effective and time-saving materials widely used in contemporary construction industry. With the adoption of cutting edge technology, MultiGips is chosen by the HKSAR and major developers for their medical, commercial and residential projects. VG-ORTH is a German company that specializes in gypsum-based products. With MultiGips gypsum blocks, floor plans and room layouts are no longer in rigid dimensions. Instead, rooms can be divided into smaller spaces or put together to form larger ones without spending a significant amount of time and money. This is possible since the interior partition walls made of gypsum can be changed, added to or removed at any time, enabling properties to continuously meet the demand and market requirements. In the meantime, the value of the investment with solid compact walls remains protected in the long-term.

Product Advantage

  1. Environmental Friendly
Raw MaterialsThe building element is produced either by natural or Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) Gypsum, and is fully complied with EN 12859:2011 Standard. FGD Gypsum is-          A by-product produced from power plant, i.e. a green raw material-          Reduce sulphur dioxide effluence in the atmosphere-          Reduce air pollution and natural resources
Production LineThe factory, VG ORTH is certified with numerous qualification:DIN EN ISO 9001 – Quality ManagementDIN EN ISO 14001 – Environmental ManagementDIN EN ISO 50001 – Energy-Efficient Clean Production Process Management
ConstructionAs construction requires no plastering, wet trade works and steel frame for wall height up to 7m, a reduction of 80% construction waste is achieved.
End ProductThe Green Building Certificate product issued by HKGBC.Also, the product has a normal PH value 6-8 with a minimal emission of VOC and radon, complying with DIN EN ISO16000, ISO14025 & BS EN15804.
  1. Partition can be built up to 7m without the use of steel frame.
  2. 4 Hours FRP in accordance to BS, EN and ASTM Standards.
  3. Suitable for carrying heavy weight and with high acoustic performance.
  4. Warranty Scheme - MultiGips is the forerunner introducing "Full-system Warranty Scheme" to the local construction industry to assure excellent quality.

Product Range & Specification

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Quality Management System

  • Incorporate sustainable elements in Quality Management System
Eco-product Sourcing:  Combination of Natural Gypsum and FGD Gypsum. VG ORTH, the manufacturer of MultiGips has taken the protection of environment very seriously by allocating large investment to produce low emission and sustainable products. MultiGips are certified with IS9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.
Production Line: ▪ The use of energy-efficient production line by VG-ORTH is credited by the energy management system "German Standard DIN EN ISO 50001" and the environmental management system according to "EN ISO 14001" and "EMAS II regulations".▪ Incorporates fully automated production of gypsum block, gypsum adhesive and gypsum plaster and gypsum technology. All production lines are monitored by central computerized system to ensure a high and consistent product quality.
kwantai_line_1kwantai_line_2kwantai_line_3Logistics Transport: Carbon footprinted logistics are compliance with LEED regarding Regional Material within 800km (ie. (Distance by rail/3)+(Distance by inland waterway/2)+Distance by sea/15)+Distance raw material to plant)) kwantai_logisticsSite Management ▪ Minimize excessive waste of sand, water, and pallets etc attribute from less wet trade work of cement sand plastering required, no wire mesh and stiffeners required, reusable pallets. Cutting loose particles can be reused for making-good openings.▪ On-site all-round Technical Support:We apt to assist customers in solving on-site technical problems. Our customer service team follows up the projects closely in different stages. If necessary, regular site visits, technical seminars, workshops or continual training programs, sampling check or weighting test would be arranged by our experienced officers to help facilitate the construction process.Product Life Cycle Disposal - End LifeGypsum products represent pure recyclable material made of calcium sulphate dihydrate which are also low in environmental impacts, interior emissions and radioactivity. All values are approved by external laboratories in accordance with DIN EN ISO16000, ISO 14025 and EN 15804.Learning & development R&D Development▪ The manufacturer of VG-Orth's does not only provide 15-year technological know-how on gypsum products, but also 13 multinational quality experts from R&D laboratories fully supports to fulfill our requirements on high and continuous quality standard. 

Awards & Certifications

  • BEAM Plus for New Building – Credit Contribution 13
  • BS EN 15804 - Sustainability of Construction Works
  • Certificate of Accepted Building Materials and Products issued by Building Department
  • DIN EN ISO 9001 – Quality Management System
  • DIN EN ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System
  • DIN EN ISO 50001 – Energy Management System
  • DIN EN ISO 12859 – Product Declaration
  • DIN EN ISO 16000 – Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds in Indoor
  • HKGBC – Green Building Certificate product
  • ISO 14025 – Environmental Product Declaration