Product Introduction

The brand TBF, Terreal Malaysia is one of the leading producers of clay roof tiles. It belongs to Terral group, a renowned European terracotta roofing tiles manufacturer, with over 150 years of experience and 25 plants worldwide.

Product Advantage

  1.  Environmental friendly
Raw Material
  • 100% natural and recyclable
Production Line
  • Natural gas is the only fossil energy used. Also, 25% of electrical supply comes from renewable resources, well above the EU standard.
  •  Production waste is sorted for recycling.
  1. Cooling effect with up to 53% solar reflectance and up to 86% thermal reflectance
  2. Long lasting color, strong security and weather resistance with 10 years’ warranty provided by the manufacturer

Product Line & Specification

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Quality Management System

Sourcing:  -          TERREAL clay tiles are 100% natural and recyclable,-          It employs a  manufacturing process that reduces, reuses and recycles, further minimizing the product's environmental footprint.
Production Line: Manufacturing Process:▪ Natural gas is the only fossil energy used. It emits low level of greenhouse gas.▪ Major investments to reduce kiln smoke and gas emissions are made.▪ All waste is treated or recycled; liquids are reused and other waste is sorted for either recycling or revalorisation.▪ From 2005, at least 25% of our electrical supply comes from renewable energies (i.e. hydraulic, photovoltaic, windmill). That is well above the European standard for renewable sources of electricity (2004:15%; 2010:21%)▪ The opened quarry sites are frequently rehabilitated.
Site Management On Site Control - Comprehensive Quality Assurance is provided throughout the work process.
Product Life Cycle ▪ TERREAL Clay Tiles have superior solar reflectance (up to 53% compared to asphalt shingles or concrete tiles) and thermal reflectance of up to 86%, which makes for a better Green roof than any other materials.▪ Although TERREAL clay tiles come with a standard 10-year warranty, they routinely last fifty years and require no maintenance or refinishing, making it the ultimate sustainable roofing material.
Learning & development Terreal also created a Research and Development Centre that develops new products, colours and processes as well as answers customer's’ requests. As a result, more than 40% of our products have been created duringthe last ten years.

Awards & Certifications