Product Introduction

Terreal Façade is a sustainable system developed by the Terreal Group, a world leading group in clay products with 22 factories around the world. Terreal Façade is credited with Environmental and Health Declaration Sheets (FDES) in accordance to the NF P 01-010 standard.

Product Advantage

  1. Environmental Friendly
  • Products complies with NF P 01-010 standard, where product information such as ecological footprint, traceability, waste recycling can be provided.
  1. Resistant against climates , with 20 years’ warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Product Lines & Specifications

Sunscreen Series 
  • Sunscreen cladding provides thermal comfort, lets natural light in and reduces blinding effects without blocking visual contact with outside.
SunScreen Series
AutanAutan® is a small size, square section terracotta sunscreen (up to 280 mm).It is available in eight colours and two finishes (smooth and sanded). 
Autan® XLAutan® XL is the long-length alternative to Autan® (up to 1500 mm).A self-supporting square section, it can be fixed at its two ends in front of a window bay without any intermediate joins.It is available in eleven colours and two finishes (smooth and glazed).
 Harmattan®Harmattan® is a small-formated terracotta sunscreen (300 mm) with an ovoid shape.It is available in eight colours and two finishes (smooth and sanded).
Zonda® XLZonda® XL is a long-length terracotta sunscreen (up to 1500 mm long), rectangular in shape.It is available in two formats, eleven colours and two finishes (smooth and glazed). It is well suited for large-scale use.
Shamal®Shamal® is a long-length terracotta sunscreen (up to 1290 mm, 1350 mm grid) with an aircraft wing cross-section. It is available in two widths (140 and 200 mm), ten colours and two finishes (smooth and sanded). Shamal® ‘Plus’ is the “system” version of this product. Shamal® is accompanied by an environmental and health data sheet for high environmental quality projects.

Rain Screen SeriesRainscreen cladding offers durable solutions to protect, isolates and magnifies the facades with clay tiles.
.Zephir® EvolutionZephir® Evolution clay tiles is a cost-effective rainscreen cladding solution placed on horizontal rails. Its simple and fast fixing system combined with its light weight and flexibility, making it particularly well adapted for renovation works. Its modern and linear look is emphasised by its length, which can reach 1500mm. 
Piterak® Super SlimPiterak® Super Slim clay tiles is a large-sized terracotta rainscreen cladding system with overlapping horizontal joints. It is installed with clips fixed on vertical profiles. Used with the V-Clip® system from LABEL Façade, it is officially approved for vertical installation. Piterak® Slim is tough, rated Q4 for impact resistance and can be used at ground level even in public spaces.
Maestral®Maestral® clay tiles is a wall rainscreen cladding system with a unique look. The open horizontal joints and rounded edges break with the traditional straight lines of wall cladding to bring shape and depth to façades. Mounted with clips fixed to vertical profiles, it can be installed horizontally or vertically on flat or curved walls in various patterns: stacked, staggered, or with open joints.

Awards & Certifications

  • FDES – in accordance with NF P 01-010 standard