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that deer lays down a NASTY drop kick with his back legs right after running the dog down. After it got up from the 45 minute bed there was not a single drop of blood found by the hunter or my dog the next day over the course of the whole track as seen below. [Edited on June 20, 2010 at 8:14 PM. Damn. My question was answered. The barking had an urgent pitch to it -- the bear tone. Invocation perseverance; prolific Griz 399; errant GPS, A little fish that’s mighty as a mountain, Interior denies all of New Mexico’s proposed LWCF projects, 20 signs that the climate crisis has come home to roost, Hiking trails are a path to destruction for Colorado elk, Deadline to spend COVID-19 relief funds has tribal nations on edge, Colorado ranchers adapt for a changing climate, Tracking the seasons of pandemic response in Seattle, New Mexico is on track to have the weakest methane emissions regulations in the nation. The trash had come from over a block away, down a hill and through a fenced yard. Princess and I ran inside, alive and mostly unharmed. I was innocently working away in my office (living room) when the barking began. Give your dog a bath to get all the blood off, check him for ticks from the deer. December would arrive in just three days, so it would be pretty remarkable if we still had bears roaming around. My vet was thinking maybe we kicked my dog. Would you just find a new vet or clear the air, again? 6/20/2010 12:19:16 PM. After stopping and turning the car off to help them calm down, the mama deer cautiously came to the rescue. I started watching the video thinking, "How is a deer going to kick a dog's ass other than hitting him with a back hoof kick like horse's do?" It might even be some kind of record -- related to the drought and the wacky warm weather, no doubt -- and so worth noting. This time. 6/20/2010 11:55:40 AM. Cats are evil like that.I EAT YO FACE! Disaster researchers take a Prius-eye view of how COVID-19 is changing the city. Call your fucking dog BEFORE it gets pummeled by the deer. If you come across an aggressive or dangerous dog you need to stay safe and report the dog to the proper authorities. “That’s bad. Apparently, Princess’ yapping distorted our mind-meld, because the deer didn’t return my warm and fuzzy feelings. It was as if a bear had gotten into our trash, but that was impossible since we keep our garbage in the garage. Humans around these parts, often clad in spandex, swarm the hillsides like ants. Later I thought I might want to call to validate the deer did it. Stray Dog That Got Kicked By Cruel Driver Returns With A Pack Of Friends To Destroy His Car Friday, August 02, 2019 After hearing the hunter's account of the deer's behavior after the shot, I assumed he had hit back farther than he had aimed and gut-shot the deer. And I know the bears know that I might be a bit chewy, but -- marinated as I am in years of red wine, coffee, garlic and Cherry Garcia ice cream -- I’m probably a lot tastier than plastic-encased garbage and styrofoam-cartoned leftovers from the crappy joint down the street. I started watching the video thinking, "How is a deer going to kick a dog's ass other than hitting him with a back hoof kick like horse's do?" this is why cops and deers should all be killed. No lie. That can be dangerous.”. A week later, another pile of trash appeared in our yard. Pet owners may be surprised to learn that deer attacks on dogs do occur. He doesn't seem to be having any breathing … We live in a medium-sized town in southwestern Colorado, where owning a dog seems to be a prerequisite, and every canine in the neighborhood was going off about something, resulting in a cacophonous symphony. Editor's Note: This story was originally published on July 29, 2016, and was updated on Aug. 1, … You are way more likely to be killed by deer than by sharks, bears, and gators combined It’s time America’s truly deadliest animal became known. ); and also at the bear, for dragging it so far just to eat it in my yard. Sometimes the purpose of the tracking is to have the dogs chase the deer toward the hunter, while other times the objective is to have the dogs track a deer that has been wounded and has run away into the woods. During rutting season, deer can be dangerous neighbors. CEO who kicked dog on viral video has new job running frozen food firm Published Fri, Jun 3 2016 1:41 PM EDT Updated Wed, Nov 13 2019 2:11 PM EST Dan Mangan @_DanMangan I cursed the slovenliness of our previous tenant, then cleaned up the mess. He just went into a dog crate, which he has never done. As with all wild game, however, feeding venison has its risks. Our dog, Princess (no, we didn’t give her that name), joined the chorus with her incessant yapping. —Prudie. My lhasa apso got kicked by a deer this evening. This little baby deer got so scared crossing the road from seeing the car approaching, it dropped down in the middle of the road and wouldn't move. fucker woulda ran right into the front of my truck i bet.stupid deers.and stupid owners for not watching their dog. My favorite part is the end when the deer starts in with the cat. After all, I know that the bears probably know that each time they bring a bag of trash to my yard, I’m out there soon afterward, crouching down and cleaning up the mess. Dogs also have generous muscling on their heads which can minimize the physical effects that a significant impact can have on a dog. To commune with the wild! not a fair fight at all, the first strike was a sucker punch, What a dumb cunt. Unique interior wall decoration #1359733. As for me, I understood at that moment that the buck -- the noble stag -- would be my spirit’s protector. It was a bit offensive but I explained the whole thing. What is a joke about men who bring their dogs to work? I lost my mom to COVID-19. It became clear that the bears were ordering takeout from all over the neighborhood, dragging it up the hill, and devouring it in our yard as if it were their living room. **WARNING NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART**June 09, 2010 — A newborn fawn creates a dangerous situation when mom gets protective. Deer have been known to pummel dogs , people and sometimes even skateboarders (less of … Princess kept barking, but the deer wasn’t fazed. Dear Annie: Dog attack brings Texan closer to God, but also brings PTSD, health issues Updated Dec 04, 2020; Posted Dec 04, 2020 Annie Lane writes the Dear Annie advice column. Video editing was awful though, I wanted to see the conclusion (unless they turned the camera off when they went running to Stark's aid). I think it hurts dogs less than men but I don’t know that for sure. He got kicked in the head by a horse. Deer can kill people directly, but auto accidents caused by deer kill 130 people per year. Colorado woman's pet deer euthanized after it gored a neighbor walking her dog. I changed tack and yelled at the buck, instead, waving my arms and jumping up and down and lunging in its general direction to scare it away. Ahh, to see nature up close! Or he was trying to eat the deer's face. When Santa Claus Got His Ass Kicked by the Reindeers is a popular song by Deer Valley Trio | Create your own TikTok videos with the When Santa Claus Got His Ass Kicked by the Reindeers song and explore 0 videos made by new and popular creators. How to Report a Dangerous Dog. It thinks your yard is its territory. Nothing. My question was answered. To practically be able to reach out and touch this kindred spirit of the woods! Not that creatures from either side of the line abide by it. What I would say is this – I think being kicked in the scrotum would hurt any human or animal. The deer’s saliva was in there, mixing with her open wounds. Afterward, I let the dog chase them away, or at least try. (Warning -- there are expletives towards the end of this clip). The scrotum in men is relatively exposed and easy for someone to “kick” but in dogs – the scrotum is more sheltered. I inspected the neighbors’ curbs for evidence that their trash had been raided. And we don’t even have television! Regenerative agriculture can help address drought and topsoil degradation. Cat was trying to be nice and take care of the baby. Police: Dog kicked, ribs broken by groomer. After the residents started filming the cute cat meets fawn video a neighborhood dog apparently got a little too close to the deer's fawn and she attacked the dog. Jonathan Thompson is a senior editor for High Country News. He is based in Durango, Colo., and his Twitter handle is @jonnypeace. The psychic ursine stands quietly at her side until her boss throws a temper tantrum, at which point the bear bares its claws and tears the boss a new one, psychically, of course. (She said when I left...a purposeful stop out as i was leaving..."it's just so odd she could get that close to a deer that wasn't tame". Instead, it circled around, walking onto the lawn, it’s big black eyes unblinking. How can they be so cruel to dogs! [email protected] When we first moved into our house this summer, I noticed a couple of old bags of garbage that had been strewn about in the scrub oak behind our house. Deer have been known to pummel dogs, people and sometimes even skateboarders (less of an attack, than a collision, methinks, but still pretty darned gnarly). For either purpose, it is important to lead dogs … DUHHHH, Holy shit, I'm kinda surprised at the border collie (or english shepherd, whichever it was). It was a big buck. Share on Twitter I almost got into a fight with a deer in Roanoke Rapids one time. According to the Intertubes, such attacks are not at all uncommon. It's not that the deer are looking to eat th As for me, I now have to worry not only about the bears trashing my yard, but also about the deer stomping me or the dog down. What do you - Answered by a verified Dog Specialist “Awww, c’mon, Princess,” I said. Cursing, I cleaned up the garbage, stumbling across an envelope with an address as I went. According to the Intertubes, such attacks are not at all uncommon. It just looked at me like it was deciding who to kill first, me or Princess. I asked my sister, a wildlife biologist, what the hell was going on. the cat was sniffing and brushing the baby all along, and then followed them, but the mama did nothing. He didn’t listen, either. Holly Hines. A kick from a deer could have bruised and injured the bone over his shoulder and the bone then made these calcium deposits. Then she seemed to get over it -- or forget -- and now appears set on revenge. Reason : A]. ... 36 dogs seized from Tacoma home in animal cruelty investigation. I backed up, putting an iron table between the buck and me, then I started screaming at the dog to shut the heck up and run. ^ PERFECT, Museum quality posters and art prints: Men and a Dog Deer Hunting, One Man Getting Stickers in His Butt After Being Kicked by a Buck by . Don’t let the holidays steal yours. Kate and Pip playing on the lawn April 1st 2010. SchndlrsFist All American 5528 Posts user info edit post: poor doggie got worked . Basically this is a calcium deposit that occurs on a bony prominence in younger dogs due mostly to trauma. I don't know why. Deer are beautiful graceful animals that are scavengers but not necessarily hunters. Since the deer did not directly kill the person, this is an auto related accidental death. Larry got some video of the deer under the car.” Putting her cut and scraped hands in the water with the deer’s head: bad idea. The deer departed. ^^ I'm confused as to why you're trying to assign logic to animals. FUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Starts cute, ends scary. She didn’t listen (aforementioned German Frau/psychic guardian merely gave me a stern look). A bear in our midst, for better or worse, has become a somewhat mundane occurrence. Ima beat yo ass. A friend of mine, after reading a book called Teen Psychic, adopted a bear as her spirit guardian -- this sort of thing is considered normal around here. They should instinctively be good at taking care of themselves in that situation. The dog was probably laughing at the deer because the cat was fucking with it. Prior to this, when the bears showed up, I’d bring the dog -- who has no fear of bear or pit bull or mean cat -- inside, so she didn’t terrorize them. Dog head injury symptoms If you can recognize the signs of head trauma in puppies and dogs, you can quickly work to minimize the damage and get your dog … these newbs don't know what to do.I would have jumped in my truck and blared the horn at it with my high beams on. A mama bear and her cub spent a good portion of the summer lounging in our neighbor’s backyard, and the alley down the street has a permanent set of greasy bear tracks leading from the fast-food joint’s grease bin to trash can to wild plum to trash can. Poisoning deaths. Her bearing tells me she’d like a name change, too: To “Deerslayer.” Next time I hear that barking with the “bear tone,” I think I’ll just stay inside. That dog got wrecked. Then the deer was like. I chuckled with some relief when I got outside and found that it was just a deer causing all the commotion. Dear Prudence, I’m in a relationship with a woman I love who is the mother to a delightful 5-year-old, whom I also love. A few days later, another. Careful handling, both at … For her part, Princess was scared to even go outside, for about five minutes. angry moms, the most feared warrior in all of creation. So, a few days ago, when Princess was yapping her bear yap, I went out to help her tell those bruins who’s boss. The cat was fast enough to get away. Geez. These people should probably control their pets., Dog should have gtfo Later this year, we will all be moving in together. Given Princess’ chutzpah and her obstinance, I’m pretty sure her psychic guardian is that short, stout German woman who yelled at us on the U-Bahn for speaking English, but that’s another story. Well the deer did have the reach advantage. I looked meaningfully into its shiny eyes, and tried to let it know that I wouldn’t harm it, and that far from enemies, we were allies in this chaotic and crazy world. It can be a nutritious source of lean protein for dogs. The sun came out after a heavy rain and they just couldn't resist a romp. He has abrasions on his chest and a couple of abrasions above the front leg. Dispose of the deer where he can't get to it (you don't want him eating it after it's been out for a while, nor do you wanting him getting things like the gut) - you can call the Dept … I was shocked, but also delighted by its lack of fear. By Craig Stowers, California Department of Fish and Game senior wildlife biologist December 7, 2011. We live at the edge of the neighborhood, and our backyard is the wildland-urban dividing line. Raw deer meat, even from carefully harvested deer, can harbor bacteria and hidden illnesses. In this crazy -- and kind of brutal -- video, a cat tries to play with a fawn, then the fawn’s mom beats the crap out of a dumbfounded dog. Instead, he calmly took a few steps back, put his head down in full on battering ram position, and battered Princess, pummeling her into the dirt and rolling her along with skull and antlers as though she were no more than a furry sausage. Damn. Venison, or deer meat, is frequently used in fed raw feeding programs. In Oregon, tribal governments are left wondering how they’ll provide services next year without an extension. Oregon teen kicked by deer during fire drill: ... “I think I got hit in the face with a hoof,” Lemley said. During the 2005-06 fawning seasons, Southern Illinois University was terrorized by a rash of doe attacks on students. Video should have had Andrew WK's Let's Get Ready to Die as the sound track. The dog whisperer's method of training a dog is wrong, since a dog gets kicked. Photos of wildlife in the author's backyard all courtesy of the author. I know he hurts and is still scared. I think he got kicked by a deer.Neighbor who works at vet say that it will just have heal on its'' own. October 22, 2020 / 6:30 AM / CBS/AP A few weeks later, I noticed a similar pile of garbage in the front yard. ^^^ And then you would have had dinner for the night too. yes, a dog is bigger and scarier looking, but still, the cat was TOUCHING the baby.and even later, the cat follows them and mama sniffs it but doesn't do anything, UNTIL the cat throws a paw... weird.and is that the sound of a bone breaking at 1:26? It’s a nice deer.” It was a buck, a young one, I think, with a smooth, shiny coat and a mid-sized rack. This is usually not a … “Stop barking at the deer. Dogs are used by some deer hunters to track deer. That dog got wrecked. Generally, they are not ones to pick fights or go looking for trouble; but they will attack if they feel threatened. “Ooooh,” she said. This whole territory thing had to go. the dog was far away and WALKING AWAY but the mama ran after it and beat its ass...?! Miraculously, the antlers did not penetrate, and Princess, covered with dust and shaken, was able to jump up and run onto the porch with me (by now I was cowering underneath the table, trying to summon my mountain lion psychic guardian without success). Bears, raccoons, deer and coyotes roam the alleys like surly teenagers looking for some nutmeg to smoke. It moved through the scrub oak with a certain grace, on long delicate legs that reminded me of a dancer’s.,, I can't help but laugh at the woman flipping out. Bee stings are the largest killer of humans in the U.S. directly caused by animals. I was enraged: First, at the people for tempting, and endangering, a bear with their unsecured garbage (a veritable feast, with leftover takeout and organic grapefruit rinds! YOU WENT TO CRANBROOKTHAT'S A PRIVATE SCHOOL ],

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