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Twitter Share on whatsapp. The latest generation Shimano EP8 motor will allow this bike to climb up many peaks and open up riding options day to expand one’s ‘adventure bubble’. Shimano's new EP8 ebike motor is smaller, lighter and quieter than its predecessor, and packs the torque to compete against the best of Bosch, ... Too steep a price for a battery bicycle. That should help it feel more similar to pedaling a traditional bicycle. Shimano, the official drive unit partner of the EWS-E, has launched what they are billing as a huge step forward in the e-bike power unit sector; the EP8.With their debut STEPS DU-E800, the company redefined mountain bikers expectations when it was originally launched, now, they've redesigned it to be even better again. Conquers urban spaces. It is at least a known quantity whereas timescales and spec for any new Shimano motor are uncertain. In one of the most anticipated product announcements of 2020, Shimano is finally ready to release its new high-performance e-MTB motor, called EP8. For 2021, the Shuttle now adopts Shimano’s latest and greatest – the lighter, more powerful and more efficient EP8 motor. If you desire the latest Shimano EP8 mid-drive motor and a larger 630Wh battery, that is standard fitment on the Alpine Trail E2.. Does the new motor only improve on things or does it have disadvantages too? You’ll be taken to their website where you can explore your options: Bulls Sonic Evo ENS 2 Carbon The all mountain range will have its access model (4999 €) in the Bulls Sonic AMS 1 Carbon and, like other ebikes from the German brand, it will have a spectacular black color with golden details. Distinct price points. It is a top engine designed mainly for mountain e-bikes and other types of e-bikes for off-road and for more demanding users, but will be great on recumbent bikes and trikes as well. Like their predecessors, all Shimano STEPS batteries are extremely long-lasting, taking up to 1000 full charge cycles while maintaining 60-percent of their original capacity, double the charge cycle capacity of … The new Shimano EP8 drive unit, the perfect complement. The Shimano EP8 pedalling assistance system guarantees downhill adrenaline and uphill efficiency. It gets a Fox 36 Float Factory fork (150mm travel) with GRIP2 damper, DPX2 Factory shock and Race Face Turbine R … Price: $7,995: Motor: Shimano EP8: Battery: Shimano 630Wh w/ on/off Easy Touch: Frame: Thok 6061-T4 and -T6 aluminum, integrated battery, enclosed internal … With a new high-capacity 630wh battery and a light, low-drag motor, the range is increased significantly compared to an E8000 motor with a 504wh battery. This drive unit fits perfectly with the philosophy of the BH Xtep Carbon. The performance-orientated motor with slightly less power than the top unit, the EP8, but at a more affordable price and still packed with lots of top-end features. EP8 delivers up to 85 Nm of torque, a … shimano shift lever, sl-m7100-r, slx, right, 12-speed rapidfire plus 2050mm inner, w/o optical gear display, bulk SHIMANO REAR DERAILLEUR, RD-M8100, XT, SGS 12-SPEED, TOP NORMAL, SHADOW PLUS DESIGN, DIRECT ATTACHMENT, BULK Share on facebook. The Shimano EP8 drive unit works with XTR level components and a carbon e13 crankset. Previously the Shuttle was fitted with a Shimano E8000 or E7000 drive unit, along with a Shimano internal battery. Small price to pay for a motor/software that enables over 4 times rider input with minimal noise. As for the motor, the bike is kitted with either a Shimano EP8 or an E7000 unit with the latter of each being found on the cheaper bike. WhatsApp Must Read. Vitus has opted for an EP8 motor because it has 36% less pedaling resistance, 10% less weight, and 20% more torque than the E8000 motor. Mounting bolts are located in the same position as other STEPS drive units allowing bike manufacturers the ability to design a common frame platform for multiple price points Availability Shimano EP8 bikes will be available from an increasing number of brands beginning in Fall 2020. We tested both motors in the same conditions … Next up is the $9,499 M-Team build. A quick note on electronics up and down the model line: The lowest spec Heckler R models (27.5” or MX mixed wheel) do not get the new EP8 motor, but rather stick with Shimano’s E7000 drive unit. Merida update their eONE-SIXTY range of electric mountain bikes with the latest motor from Shimano, the new EP8 motor which promises more power, is lighter and more efficient to boot. e903TRN PRO is the Full Suspended eMTB with all-mountain geometry introduced for excitement-seeking riders. The M-Team build gets a 150mm fork as standard. The pedalling feel offered by the new Shimano EP8 is closer to a real MTB feeling. Marin’s first full-sus ebike focuses on fun, performance and price Our rating . The new SHIMANO EP8 Drive Unit delivers a smooth yet powerful natural riding experience, capable of solidly handling all your daily activities. urban. Price € 4.950. Privateer, a relatively new bicycle brand with only one model on the market is already taking aim at the eMTB world with the E-161. Some Shimano motored brands have already released 2021 models still using steps 8000. To find the bike that suits your riding style, simply click on one of our affiliated brands below. It features the newest generation of electric motors from Shimano, the EP8. Motor: Shimano EP8; Price: €4299 500Wh/€4499 630Wh; Sunn Bikes. The EP8. How noticeable are the real-world differences? Mounting bolts are located in the same position as other STEPS drive units allowing bike manufacturers the ability to design a common frame platform for multiple price points; Availability. Perfectly tunable via Shimano’s e-tube project app, the E7000 delivers 60 Nm of power and features a Hollowtech II axle as well as a double sealed body for extra protection against water and dirt. The “Precise Front End” for head tube tapered 1.8 … 170 mm travel, mullet wheels, 4-piston brakes, integrated 630 Wh battery, new Shimano EP8 motor. Facebook Share on twitter. From Price £3999; More mountains, more trails, more experiences; 150mm F.O.L.D. Full suspension; 27+ (Plus), 29" (Nine) or 29"/27+ (Drifter) wheels/tyres; Shimano EP8 drive with 756 Wh, or Bosch Performance CX drive with 625 Wh The system has a 630 Wh Shimano battery inside the frame, autonomously providing up to 85 Nm torque and 250 W maximum power. Marin has equipped both bikes with decent specification components. The EP8 drive unit (DU-EP800) benefits the overall bicycle design and ride feel through a more natural and refined power delivery thanks to the lighter, quieter, more compact and powerful motor with increased range. Read on for the full press release from Merida: Launched in 2020, our eONE-SIXTY managed to seamlessly follow in the The Shimano EP8 drive unit also features a new gear design that reduces gear drag by 36%. View Shimano’s manufacturing technologies, enthusiasm for design and craftsmanship, IR information, recruitment information, and social activities. EP8 Drive Unit. Shimano EP8 bikes will be available from an increasing number of brands beginning in Fall 2020. The YOONIT cargobike is the best buddy for your daily … More lightweight, more compact, more powerful (up to 85 Nm), quieter and with its usual smooth and natural power delivery. The top two models include Shimano’s SC-EM800 display, but the two lesser models step down to a SC-E7000 display. Based on the successful 161 enduro bike, the E-161 runs the Shimano EP8 motor bolted to an alloy frame all the right numbers.. With a slack head angle of 64-degrees and a pedal efficient 78.7 seat-angle, the E-161 looks like a promising climber and descender. Head to for more information. Old vs new – how does the new Shimano EP8 motor compare to its STEPS E8000 predecessor? The Shimano EP8 will in all cases be mounted on panels made entirely of carbon and double suspension, three of all mountain and two of enduro. The SHIMANO STEPS e-bike system comes equipped on a wide range of bikes. Coming in above the existing E8000 and E7000 drive units, the Shimano EP8 motor comes out swinging with more power, less weight, and a more compact profile than its predecessors – all […] Privateer E161 released with Shimano EP8 motor! Welcome to the Shimano official corporate website. Shimano officially introduced his successor. Weighing in at only 2,500g, it provides a solid 85 Nm of torque and 50% less pedalling resistance - a new benchmark in terms of installation space and weight. NEW BATTERIES New batteries recently released by Shimano are available for EP8, including two 630Wh battery options, the external BT-E8016 and internal BT-E8036 battery.

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