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The Vienna model: A blueprint for social housing in the 21st century With its innovative ideas, especially in the field of social housing, the city of Vienna has long been a pioneer in the global pursuit of new strategies for the design and implementation of forward-thinking urban developments and ways of living. Vienna’s generous housing model stands in stark contrast to the Cameron government’s “Pay to Stay” policy surcharging council tenants earning more than £30,000 a year – an idea that was dropped before implementation due to its impracticality (housing associations had no mechanism for forcing residents to declare their incomes). 'The Vienna Model: Housing For The 21st Century' explains how 80% of Vienna residents rent their homes. The city of Vienna, Austria, famous for its rich cultural and architectural heritage, is also recognized for its unique social housing program. Curated by Wolfgang Förster and William Menking. Vienna gets €450-million ($676.7-million) a year from the Austrian government for housing and the city adds to that through special housing taxes – it … Photo by Ermand Akdogan via flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0. Michaela gives the background and history of the Vienna Housing Model and why Vienna sees housing as a human right and also why the city is so keen to export its ideas on public housing to other parts of Europe. Nearly two thirds of those live in some form of public housing … There was an urgent housing crisis during the period between the 2 world wars. This created a push for a massive housing boom during what is known as the “Red Vienna” period. Recently, a Museum of Vancouver exhibit, “The Vienna Model: Housing for the 21st Century City,” has provoked considerable attention. The Vienna Model: Housing for the Twenty-First-Century City shines the spotlight on sixty prototypical projects from the last hundred years, with a special focus on the public art that has complemented the city’s housing since the First Republic. This resulted in the construction of 61,000 new apartments in 348 public housing … This piece in my series of articles on European cities for the Europe in Baltimore blog is on the social housing program in Vienna, which was spurred by an exhibit on the program at Baltimore’s D Center.. Vienna has a number of interesting lessons for us, each of which is deserving of deeper … Over 60% of people in Vienna live in public housing, renting homes with secure tenure and affordable prices. The Vienna Model of housing is internationally regarded for its continued achievement of sustainable, high quality residential development using a cost-rental approach that in effect delivers housing for all. In practice for nearly a century, Vienna’s social housing system is known as an effective and innovative model for providing superior, affordable housing … The Hundertwasser-Krawinahaus in Vienna. The programme is also subject to continuous development and adaptation to changing structural societal conditions. There are many harmonised solutions that together make up the ‘Vienna Model’ for a social housing programme. This inspiring exhibition visited Dublin for the first time in 2019. 8. But the more imminent threat to the city’s housing standards is growth.

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