Vision, Mission & Value

In the rapidly changing construction industry,Kwan Tai has a set of core values that define our company, ethics and quality of work.

Customer Centricity

Kwan Tai comprises a team of professional engineers who strive to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients – from building material supply to package contracting service. We  have delivered hundreds of construction projects and built a strong client base ranging from government, private developers and medical sectors etc. We dare to build a close customer relationship that sets us apart from competitors via market intelligence and understanding the needs and challenges of our customers.

Excellence In Quality

As a leading specialist of building materials, Kwan Tai has always worked industriously on material sourcing from around the world. Our pursuit of excellent quality is attained through rigorous laboratory tests and material inspections. Quality assurance of our contracting service is achieved through close follow up of each project stages. Specifically, our project team conducts regular site visit and sampling checks to ensure smooth project operation. Learnings of clients’ feedbacks and practical experiences, coupled with frequent interaction with our product manufacturers, help to ensure continuous improvements on our business operation and product portfolio.

Innovation and Sustainability

Being innovative in a sustainable manner is embedded in our business strategy. We anticipate market trends and identify potential market demand so as to address the risk and opportunity facing the industry. By sourcing advanced eco-friendly products globally, Kwan Tai has developed a comprehensive product portfolio.Our pursuit of customer centricity and excellence in quality contributes to a continuing generation of creative insight and knowhow for the sustainable development in the construction field.

History and Milestone

Since its founding in 1988, Kwan Tai has actively involved in the economic and landscape developments in Hong Kong with an extensive portfolio of constructing public and private housing estates, commercial complex, institutional buildings and specialized institutions such as hospitals and science park. Throughout the time, Kwan Tai has grown with the city from a contractor of roofing tiles to a major player in the construction industry.



Prior the establishment of Kwan Tai, the founder Mr. Wilson Lo acquired fruitful exposure in the construction industry during his previous working experience. This builds a solid foundation for Kwan Tai's development and expansion.


Tristar Building Materials Company, the predecessor of Kwan Tai Engineering Company, is initially founded by Mr. Wilson Lo with two other partners. Later in 1984, Mr. Wilson Lo took up the role of sole proprietor of the company. During the formative years, Mr. Lo led the company to engage in several large-scale complex projects as a main supplier and installer of roofing tiles.


Mr. Wilson Lo incorporated Kwan Tai Engineering Co., Ltd. (Kwan Tai). The business is expanded in providing contracting service for construction projects.

Business Diversification: Extensive Portfolios in Government Projects and Real Estate Development


The expertise of Kwan Tai in handling large-scale and complex roof tile projects in Fairview Park and Hong Lok Yuen has been widely recognized by the industry. During the 1990s, Kwan Tai embarked numerous roof-tile projects across Hong Kong.

Our featured projects
  • Gold Coast (1994 - 1995)
  • Discovery Bay (1993- 1995)

Kwan Tai explored other market potential and branched out into the Granite business and fit out projects. We led various significant projects in the city, ranging from offices, buildings to community facilities.

Our featured projects
  • Grand View Commercial Centre, Sugar Street (1994)
  • Kwai Tsing Theatre (1997)
  • Hong Kong International Airport - Chek Lap Kok (1996)

Expansion of Product Portfolio

Kwan Tai identified market trends and started to reach out different product markets during the time.We have also established our firm position in wooden flooring and gypsum block markets.

2000 - 2006

Following the “School Improvement Program”, Hong Kong government devised plans to build “millennium” schools to enhance the quality of school facilities. Kwan Tai was one of the main service providers in this significant social development. We supplied and installed quality wooden flooding for more than 40 schools under this policy.


Kwan Tai established its own wooden flooring brand “HUGO” and soon embarked various contracting projects on large-scale residential developments, enabling us to become a pioneer of supplying wooden flooring in Hong Kong.

Our featured projects
  • Seaview Crescent, Tung Chung (2002)


Kwan Tai captured the increasing demand for substitute of conventional polluting paving concrete by introducing eco-friendly clay paver of excellent quality from Australia and China.Clay paver thus has been widely used in constructing highways and major road improvement projects.

Our featured projects
  • Highway – Shatin and Fanling Districts (2002-2003)
  • Hong Kong Disneyland (2003-2005)
  • Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park (2009)


Kwan Tai participated as a major package contractor of the Hong Kong Science Park project. We supplied and installed raised flooring system and marble, contributing to the sustainable design of the institution.


Recognizing the market trend of using green materials in sustainable community, Kwan Tai brought in eco-friendly and efficient Gypsum Blocks from German-brand MultiGips.  This move has revolutionized the conventional practice of using brick wall in interior wall partitioning.

Our featured projects
  • Elements, Hong Kong (year tbc)
  • Prince of Wales Hospital (2009)

Becoming the Leading Market Specialist


Hundreds of completed contracting projects have affirmed Kwan Tai’s position and reputation in the construction industry. Significant projects are highlighted as follows:

  • Wooden Flooring
●      Hong Kong Velodrome, Tseung Kwan O
  • Gypsum Block
●     Studio City Macau (2015) ●     New Civil Aviation Department Headquarter ●     Centre of Excellence in Paediatrics (HK SAE- ASD project)
  • Roof Tile
●      93 Repulse Bay (2010) ●      DB Plaza, Discovery Bay (2011) ●      Government House (2012)

Wooden Flooring


Gypsum Block

Roof Tile


Kwan Tai keeps expanding its business portfolio in line with market needs. Capturing the potential market under the aggressive public housing development policy by the Hong Kong government, we begin to supply wooden doors for upcoming public housing projects initiated by the Housing Authority.

30years on

Strategic direction: Leading innovation and sustainability in the industry

  • The 30 years’ experiences has equipped Kwan Tai with solid industry expertise and knowhow.
  • Kwan Tai aspires to extend our heritage and expertise into sustainable development through innovation and business succession.

Awards and Achievements

      • Certificate of Recognition 嘉許狀 From: 香港政府華員會技術主任(建築設計)分會 Date: Aug / 2007
  • 地板品質檢定認證書 From: 香港專業驗樓學會 -詹濟南會長 代表地盤: 維港峰, 維峯 Date: 01 / Mar / 2016
  • 地板品質檢定認證書 From: 香港專業驗樓學會 -詹濟南會長代表地盤 代表地盤: 曉譽, 曉尚 Date: 19 / Mar / 2015
  • 嘉許狀: (木地板) From: 恒基兆業地產有限公司地產策劃(二)部 代表地盤: 維峯 The Hemispheres, 曉珀 High Park Date: 29 / Sep / 2015
  • 嘉許狀: (木地板) From: 裕民建築有限公司 代表地盤: 福榮街 186-198, 界限街68, 大埔道 186-188, 元朗大棠5369 Date: 30 / June / 2014
  • Letter of Commendation: VG Orth MultiGips Gypsum Block Wall) From: Studio City, Macau Date: 09 / Dec / 2015