1988 Founded year
The Group's business are held directly by the subsidiary company

- Kwan Tai Engineering Co., Ltd.

Our Story

Founded in 1988, our Group started with the passion of bringing quality building materials into the Hong Kong construction market. We have been striving to attain cutting edge technology with wide recognition in the building industry. We render technical support to developers, architects and designers throughout all stages of project development from production, installation and maintenance. Our project portfolio to date spans a wide-ranging prestigious project in the government, institutional, commercial and residential sectors.

Business Strategy

Our principal business objective is to maintain and strengthen our market position as an established building materials contractor in the building materials industry in Hong Kong. Leveraging our proven track record and good reputation, we strive to maintain and strengthen our market position in Hong Kong, expand our scope of products and services, and continue on human resources development to support our future growth in the industry.

Our Products

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