The Group is committed to fulfill the Corporate Social Responsibility in builting a better community. Apart from commercial activities, we actively participate in community services and awarded the “Caring Company” in recognition of our contribution.

Past Activities

Race for Water

Our staff carried 4.5 liters bottled water to complete 15 km on foot to arouse public awareness on water saving and shortage problem.

The Community Chest

Our Group made a charitable donation of HKD 1 million to the Community Chest.

Food Angel

We participated "A Day with Food Angel" in preparing hot meals to beneficiary inside the "hot kitchen". This is a great opportunity to raise our employee's awareness on food waste and Hong Kong poverty issues.

The Salvation Army

We look into the ethnic minority children and youth issue in Hong Kong and organize the cooking lesson with them.

Surgical Masks Giveaway

Our Group took the initiative to support the local community through the Coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) by giving out free face masks to the over 60s.The Coronavirus has caused surgical masks shortages and surged in prices, unavailability of this protective gear has resulted in many reusing their masks or choosing to stay home. The activity was well received by the public and a total of 1000 masks were distributed to 200 individuals. It is hoped that this effort can allow the residents to resume their daily activities despite the outbreak.