Gypsum Block

We are the sole and exclusive distributor of MultiGips Gypsum Block in the territory of Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians are fully dedicated in providing both supply and installation service of MultiGips gypsum block.

The German-made “MultiGips” Gypsum Block is a tongue and groove solid partition system produced in accordance to EN 12859 with key features and benefits as below:

(1) Without the use of steel frame for wall up to 7m height.
(2) 4 hours FRP as tested in accordance of BS 476 Part 22.
(3) High acoustic performance, 100mm thick with STC 45.
(4) Biological and harmless components, odor neutral, no gas emitting substances.
(5) BEAM Plus accredited.

The innovative lead-free MultiGips R48 and Super R48 Radiation Protection gypsum block are specially formulated for radiation protection. It is most suitable for use in hospital and clinical health care projects. Compared to other methods of construction such as with lead infilled applied to masonry or studded partitions, the MultiGips gypsum blocks are lighter, more economical, a lot easier and speedier to install.

MultiGips Gypsum Block is highly recognised amongst developers, contractors, architects in the Hong Kong construction market. We ranked first in the gypsum block supply industry in Hong Kong in 2016 with an approximately 76.4% market share {Ipsos Industry Report 2017}.

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